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An Infection of a Nose Ring Bump

A nose ring bump is a kind of infection that caused by some common injuries to a new pierced, such as: nose ring stuck on a towel or the nose ring bump, or even when you forget and sleeping on your nose ring. When you face a problem of a nose bump, just are patience and donít be scarred. No need to be panic about the nose ring bump, many kinds of treatments available.

Anyway, after you make decision on your new nose pierced and to avoid a nose ring bump, just make sure first that your new nose ring has a good quality and will prevent yourself from an infection of a nose ring bump. Ask the professional fiercer to provide it. Prevent the nose ring bump first. But, if you already have a new pierced on your nose, you can follow the following advices in order to prevent yourself from a nose ring bump:

1. Just careful with the bacteria. If your fingers have infected with them, then it would be a big chances for you to have a nose ring bump. Therefore, never touched your nose pierced with unwashed fingers, it increases the risk to have a bump around nose ring.

2. Choose the expert fiercer. A wrong technique of nose piercing can cause a nose ring bump.

3. Do not change your nose yellow diamond within a couple days after pierced. You can change your nose ring after at least 1.5 months or thereís a big chance for nose ring bump will come to you.

If somehow, nose ring bump still comes over you, there are some safe advices that you can use to heal it, namely:

1. Identification first the cause of your nose ring bump, it could be a boil or the bacteria. When the process of the needle insertion just happened, sometimes paves the way for bacteria to go inside and give the infection of a nose bump then.

2. Do the right treatments that available for any types of nose ring bump. Because of usually the location of nose ring bump is surrounding the area of exit hole, which has a same color with your skin, so carefully to search for it then. A nose ring bump will feels hard, little bit painful.

3. The colloid is the nose ring bump that you need to concern out for. The colloid is a scarring tissue; it spreads widely of your new pierced. This type is difficult to do a treatment.







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