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A Brief Story of Kimberley Diamond Mines

The Kimberley diamond mines have located in Griqualand West - South Africa: the biggest place and a famous of diamond mine in the world. The exact location of Kimberley diamond mines are above 700 miles from Table Bay (northeast) and 450 miles from the east coast of Port Elizabeth and Natal (inland). From Table Bay, Port Elizabeth and Natal to Kimberley diamond mines connected by railway. People went to the Kimberley mines for many reasons. In the past times, the Kimberley diamond mines had provided the largest market of labors and guns. Usually, they had worked for three to six months at Kimberley mines, bought a gun and back home then.

The first diamonds that had discovered at Kimberley diamond mines was happen by Mr. O'Reilley, a salesperson and a hunter of diamonds, when he visited his friend in Griqua, a colonist person, namely Van Niekirk in 1867. This first diamond of Kimberley diamond mines valued at £500, a big amount of money for a “small thing” and it’s invited for many peoples to come for diamonds at Kimberley diamond mines. In 1868 many enterprising colonists were successful in finding more diamonds at Kimberley diamond mines. In 1871 the famous of De Beers and Kimberley mines were discovered officially, then 1872 they found a great diamond of 282½ carats at Kimberley diamond mines.

The shapes of Kimberley diamond mines were irregular, surrounded by reef. The first diggers of Kimberley diamond mines was treat on only ten loads per-day (compared to the present time, if fully employed, the Kimberley diamonds mines was treat on 250 loads per-day). The top of the reef was loose shale, but they still happy because the Kimberley diamond mines satisfied paid. As one of many earths’ top areas pertaining to gemstone exploration, Kimberley mines place may be known nowadays globally by associates on blue diamond.

Kimberley diamond mines alone had been proven within 1871 following the gemstone discoveries, along with the town's growth had been mainly. Kimberley diamond mines can be just about 500 km by Johannesburg and also just about 1,000 km by Cape Town. Even though the water Kimberley diamond mines lines have been in the beginning worked by folks, because Kimberley diamond mines depth on the searching elevated a more effective option evolved into required. In 1888 the De Beers Consolidated Mines happened, below ownership associated with Cecil Steve Rhodes, a mix of the Kimberley mines, Ekati diamond mines and also De Beers Mines.







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