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The Most Popular of Diamond Shapes and Cuts

Simply no words and phrases can easily explain whenever you are looking for new diamond shapes and cuts. The results would seem great, wonderful and also mesmerizing. A great and also cost-effective diamond shapes and cuts makes a new life will be brighter. Consequently, purchasing the right engagement ring is vital the way it features a great deal of inner thoughts attached.

Diamond Shapes and Cuts of Spirit Sun - Based on a 1960’s design of Bernd Munsteiner, Dr. Ulrich Freiesleben has started to develop these shapes and cuts in 1980’s. These diamond shapes and cuts are the first of two diamonds that has design of color stone lapidary, a perfect rounded girdle diamond shapes and cuts with a crown on the top, like a pyramid. With a unique facets sparkle design, diamond shapes and cuts of Spirit Sun will appear as white as a higher-graded cut that is more reflective than the traditional round one about 15% - 17%.

Diamond Shapes and Cuts of Asprey - In order to get a maximum bright refraction of brilliant effect, the Tolkowsky's studio presented these diamond shapes and cuts of 61 facets. They have a range of the stones color grades from grade D to grade G, flawless clarities to VS2 clarities, the carat weights range from 0.50 to 3. The diamond shapes and cuts of Asprey are unique; the cutting process is totally handmade, very special.

Diamond Shapes and Cuts of Rose – These very famous Rose’s shapes and cuts are diamonds that has both a dome-faceted crown and a flat-bottomed. The diamond shapes and cuts of triangular dome-faceted crown are bringing a perfect reflection that so brilliance, just like a flower of rose. Those diamond shapes and cuts have allowed lights to get through diamond significantly. So beautiful! It could be happened because a diamond shapes and cuts of Rose are based on contemporary knowledge of the refractivity and reflectivity optics. The shapes and cuts of Rose cut can be perfect shapes of an asymmetrical, oval, round or even pear, according to different taste of each consumers.

Diamond Shapes and Cuts of Tycoon - A rectangular mixed of diamond shapes and cuts of Tycoon are designed by Kejejian. The crown of 33 facets nine has made Tycoon unique, as all crowns have called a nine facets table. The table facet arrangement of these diamond shapes and cuts considered brilliance’s high degree. These rectangular shapes and cuts is a similar type with princess cut diamond.







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